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Rehabilitation [OLD]

The goals of rehabilitation are to alleviate pain, to decrease healing time, and to return the animal to normal function.

    • Massage – has been shown to increase circulation, release scar tissue, maintain tissue extensibility
    • Heat – helps to decrease pain and muscle spasms as well as facilitates stretching
    • Ice – provides analgesia, reduces inflammation, can reduce muscle spasms
    • Water Therapy/Hydrotherapy using an underwater treadmill
    • Land treadmill – useful for patterning gait, and encouraging use of non-weight bearing limb

Susie walking on land treadmill

  • Range of motion – useful to diminish the effects of disuse and immobilization; prevents adhesions between soft tissue and bone, improves blood flow, improves joint fluid production
  • Therapeutic exercises – are used to improve range of motion, build muscle and can target specific muscle groups

Meg Balancing on Therapy Ball

Matilda walking over cavaletties

Chloe over the therapy ball

Griffin walking on balance board