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Feli herniated discs almost two years ago. Given her advanced age and arthritis I opted against the surgery. Every step Feli took hurt. She could not defecate without agonizing pain, often even fell over. I consulted our vet about euthanasia at home. Then a friend from our dog rescue organization recommended Dr Starr. The effect of the initial treatment lasted for 36 hours. It told me she could still improve. After about four treatments, the effect began to last longer. Now, almost two years later, Feli receives her treatments every three weeks. Weather permitting, she can go on one hour plus walks again! Dr. Starr and her compassionate team supported us in every way – letting us try out equipment, and helping us through a difficult time with her expertise. I am grateful to still have my beloved dog, and to see her walking and eliminating without pain.”

– Sarah from Somerville 2008