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Water Therapy [OLD]

                                        The Underwater Treadmill

Water Therapy or Hydrotherapy is extremely helpful in rehabilitating dogs. There are many physical benefits such as improving muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness as well as promoting weight loss. And it’s fun for the dogs too!


Just as swimming in a pool is an excellent form of exercise for people, the underwater treadmill provides these same advantages in a much more controlled environment.

The water is heated to help alleviate joint pain and loosen tight muscles.

When the water is at the hip level, the buoyancy helps the animal to walk more normally without as much joint discomfort. Also, animals with lack of balance or coordination are able to walk without fear of falling in the water. Our experienced staff will assist your dog in the water while you are encouraging them.

Dogs appear to be much more at ease and comfortable in the underwater treadmill than in a pool because they walk in and out while it is empty and their paws are always touching the bottom.

The water therapy can be helpful for patients with:

  • Post operative orthopedic surgical recovery (e.g. cruciate ligament repair, hip surgery, fracture repair)
  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Intervertebral disc disease
  • Neurological spinal cord problems